Hands-on Activities

We all play a part in keeping our water and rivers clean and healthy. ALCOSAN has plenty of fun activities using common items found around your house for families to do at home.

Go Fish, Go!
Go Fish, Go!

Make a paper fish, fueled by soap, swim across the water

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Go Away, Germs!

Household items help teach kids about handwashing and how germs spread.

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Dot Tower Challenge

Bring out your child's inner engineer with problem-solving building activity.

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Holiday-3D-Printing Activity
3D Holiday Printing

Create a 3D-printed seasonal or holiday ornament using kid-friendly computer-aided design software.

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Watercolor Butterflies

ALCOSAN’s wastewater treatment process provides insects, such as the butterfly, a clean environment to live in among our waterways.

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Make a Volcano Model

Create a volcano model with an eruptive reaction using household items.

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Pretzel & Marshmallow Structure

Introduce your kids to "edible engineering," using pretzels and marshmallows to build two and even three dimensional structures.

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Sink or Float

Learn the science behind objects that are dense and buoyant and find out what sinks and what floats.

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Aquifer in a Cup

Illustrate how water is stored in an aquifer, how ground water can become contaminated, and how this contamination ends up in a drinking water source.

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rain_cloud_hands on activites
Rain Cloud Sun Catcher

Clouds play an important part in the water cycle. Make a rain cloud sun catcher using household materials and hang it for everyone to see.

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Coding Conundrum

Students will be introduced to coding functions as they try to “crack the code” to predetermined puzzles using Google Forms.

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Water Bottle Flip

Gravity plays a big part within the ALCOSAN treatment process. Test out different water bottles by flipping them with the right amount of water.

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polymers_hands on activites

Most kids have made slime with glue and borax. Learn how to make plastic from milk!

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Tower Power

Become an engineer and challenge yourself by building a Cantilever Tower out of only newspaper and tape.

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Lava Lamp

ALCOSAN uses sedimentation tanks to remove fats, oils and greases from water. A Lava Lamp is a good example of how the process works in the tanks.

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Dog Toy

Instead of throwing away old t-shirts, learn how to upcycle them into chew toys for dogs.

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Hoop Glider

Gravity is a constant in our lives, making this hoop glider will show you how gravity will pull it back to Earth.

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Fizzy Lemonade
Fizzy Lemonade

Learn how to make your own carbonation thanks to a little kitchen chemistry.

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Hands-on Activities
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