Clean Water Plan

Changes and Upgrades Benefiting the Region's Waterways

ALCOSAN's Clean Water Plan is a 20-year,  $2 billion endeavor that will reduce the overflow problem by 7 billion gallons a year.

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Stormwater protection with native plants and gravel
GROW/Source Control

Keeping water out of the system.

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Person using a tool to open a utility hole cover

Taking responsibility for more infrastructure.

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Regional Tunnel System
Regional Tunnel System

Building new infrastructure for tomorrow.

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East Headworks
Plant Expansion

Increasing our treatment capacity.

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Clean Water Plan Construction Updates

At ALCOSAN, we know construction delays and closures can impact your daily travels.

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Get Involved with ALCOSAN.

There are a variety of different ways to get involved with ALCOSAN throughout the year.

Business Opportunities

We encourage new businesses to work with us.

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Summer Camp & Educational Experiences

We offer a variety of programs for teachers & families.

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ALCOSAN Board meetings are open to the public.

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ALCOSAN Established


Municipalities Serviced


Millions of Gallons of Daily Wastewater Treatment Capacity


Sewer System Miles and Growing

Exploration & Education

Educating Our Community

ALCOSAN’s Scholastic Outreach Program provides environmental awareness for students, teachers & communities, all within ALCOSAN’s service area.

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