Pretzel & Marshmallow Structure

Introduce your kids to "edible engineering," using pretzels and marshmallows to build two and even three dimensional structures. Creative learning has never tasted so good!

Fun Facts:null

  • National Pretzel Day is celebrated each year on ApriI 26.
  • Hard pretzels were invented in the late 1600s, when a snoozing apprentice in a Pennsylvania bakery accidentally over-baked his pretzels, creating crunchy, seemingly inedible, knots. His job was spared when the master baker, attempting to criticize, took an angry bite out of one, and loved it.
  • S'mores, a delicious marshmallow treat, first appeared with a recipe in a 1927 handbook called Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.
  • Ligonier, Indiana is the marshmallow capital of the world.
  • Marshmallows expand in a vacuum because of the small air bubbles in them.


  • Students will use pretzels and marshmallows to build different structures.


  • Marshmallows
  • Pretzel sticks


  • Gather materials.
  • Explore how the pretzels and marshmallows link together by gently pushing one end of the pretzel stick into a marshmallow.
  • Try building a flat, two-dimension shape, like a triangle or a square.
  • Then try tackling a three-dimensional structure, like a triangular prism or a cube.
  • Experiment with other shapes or structures.


  • Here is a challenge: Using 20 marshmallows and 30 pretzel sticks, build the tallest tower that you can.
  • When you are finished, measure how tall your tower is.


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