Most customers' ALCOSAN charges are included in the bill from their municipality or their water company. In some cases, that bill includes municipal surcharges that typically are used by the municipality to maintain its sewer lines, which carry wastewater from your home to the ALCOSAN system.

We are Different than Your Local Water and Sewer Provider

Your local water and sewer authority and ALCOSAN are separate organizations, each with distinct functions and responsibilities. ALCOSAN is responsible for the collection, treatment and billing of wastewater. Your local provider is responsible for water treatment, local infrastructure issues (pipes near your home or business), and basement backups/flooding.  ALCOSAN does not set, collect or monitor municipal surcharges and does not have the ability to shut off water service for non-payment of wastewater charges.

How are Charges Calculated?

Direct Bill and Municipal Ratepayers

ALCOSAN’s ratepayers are charged for wastewater services based on the amount of water used in a quarterly billing period. Your water company provides this figure to ALCOSAN, which uses it to determine your cost. ALCOSAN follows the rates below, set by the ALCOSAN Board of Directors: effective date of January 1, 2024. 

  • A usage charge of $11.14 per 1,000 gallons of water used 
  • A quarterly service charge of $23.41

Because your sewage treatment charge is based on water usage, the bill may vary each quarter. Factors that will affect your water and wastewater treatment charges include seasonal conditions, the number of occupants in the home and conservation efforts.

Industrial/Commercial Accounts

Industrial/Commercial customers that discharge wastes with high concentrations of suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demand and/or chlorine demand are subject to High Strength Discharge surcharges.  For more information about ALCOSAN’s Industrial Waste program and associated monitoring and surcharges, contact the Industrial Waste Department at


If you have a question about a wastewater bill issued by your municipality, please contact the billing department for that municipality. If you receive your bill directly from ALCOSAN, please direct your questions, as well as name and/or address changes, to ALCOSAN’s Customer Service and Billing representatives at 412-766-6696, or by using the links below.  Please be sure to include your account number.

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