What is Regionalization?

Regionalization involves the voluntary transfer of some of the largest municipal sewers and sewer facilities in the service area over to ALCOSAN ownership. Currently, ALCOSAN’s system encompasses 90 miles but anticipates taking ownership and maintenance of 265 miles of sewer.

Why Regionalize?

  • Reduces the financial burden on municipalities.
  • Improves management of cost, maintenance and improvements.
  • Contributes to our Clean Water Plan goals.

Benefits of Regionalization

  • Creates a more streamlined system throughout our region.
  • Allows for direct management of tunnels and related infrastructure.
  • Reduces excess flow from entering the system.
  • Promotes collaboration between ALCOSAN and its municipality customers.

Current Status 

ALCOSAN is completing the municipal transfer agreements and working with municipalities to finalize the transfers, as seen in this up-to-date status map.

Regionalization Map_2_Page_2



For information or to request transfer agreement documents, please contact the Regionalization department.

For municipalities looking to upload documents for regionalization, please go to the Municipal Portal

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