Division: Administration
Director: Julie Motley-Williams
Departments: Human Resources, Safety, Security


The Administration division safeguards ALCOSAN’s most important assets—our staff and plant. Formerly a part of the Finance division, the Administration division was created in September 2021 to help protect and strengthen these primary assets. This division is important to the Authority’s future, especially as a $2 billion, long-term plant expansion is underway as part of our Clean Water Plan.

The Administration division keeps employees, visitors, contractors, and the physical plant safe and secured. It also maintains the best management and union workforce through its compliance-focused recruiting, training and staff development initiatives.

Community Impact

The Human Resources department works diligently with local universities, trade schools and school systems, and other institutions to recruit the best talent within the Allegheny County and Pittsburgh areas. An example of such partnering is internship programs that engage local youth early and educate them about the breadth of available Authority careers. Upon hire, the department provides new employees with orientation and ongoing training to help them succeed in their role.

The Safety department monitors Authority work performed onsite and at our 83 municipality customer sites. Safety experts develop and maintain safety plans for internal and external projects of many sizes and scopes. Field employees receive safety training and support to help them protect their own safety, and the communities in which ALCOSAN works.

The Security department works 24/7/365 days to help protect more than 400 staff, customers, visitors, contractors, and the physical plant itself. Just some of the responsibilities of this department include securing plant and work site access; planning for and managing emergency responses; and working alongside local law enforcement. The overall security of our wastewater plant plays a significant part in serving the region’s communities, local businesses and our magnificent rivers and waterways.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Launched a digital portal to strengthen employee connectivity to important work-related information, like leadership communications, benefits, wellness initiatives, career opportunities, and Authority activities. An example of the usefulness of this portal has been in relaying vital information and expectations during the pandemic.
  • Established a state-of-the-art employee wellness program which expands healthy behavior, improves morale and increases productivity. An added benefit of the program has been that it helps to lessen the cost of health care.
  • ALCOSAN was certified recently by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry for establishing and maintaining an effective workplace safety committee. This achievement not only boosts workplace safety awareness, but also results in lower insurance costs for the Authority.

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