ALCOSAN offers many educational activities and opportunities through the Scholastic Outreach and Education department. The program provides environmental awareness for students, teachers & communities, all within ALCOSAN’s 83-municipality service area. All of our Scholastic Outreach representatives are Pennsylvania-certified teachers with focus areas in early childhood, elementary education, middle and high school math, science and English.



Our Commitment

ALCOSAN is committed to providing educational programming using Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and expanding upon traditional classroom learning - stressing a hands-on approach to environmental science that teaches students to be responsible stewards of their environment.

Schools and Programs

We serve schools, daycare facilities, and other youth centers within the ALCOSAN service area. Look to see if your school, daycare, or youth program falls within the service area.

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12 Certified Teachers Work at ALCOSAN

20000 Plus Students Reached with Programming

400 Plus Schools and Youth Facilities Served

15 Average Interns Hired Annually