Division:  Regional Conveyance
Director: Michael Lichte, P.E.
Departments:  Interceptor Systems, Wet Weather Programs, Planning


The fundamental mission of ALCOSAN's Regional Conveyance Division is the management, operation and maintenance of the interceptor systems and sewer service provided to its 83 municipal customers and development of plans and policies for compliance with regulations related to combined sewer overflows and sanitary sewer overflows.

In addition to coordinating the regional system, the Regional Conveyance Division oversees the Green Revitalization of our Waterways (GROW) program, a grant program which provides our member municipalities and authorities with financial and technical assistance for stormwater and groundwater reduction projects. These projects will stop excess water from entering the sewer collection system, which will lead to lower flows into the ALCOSAN system.  

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Community Impact

The Regional Conveyance Division, along with several other ALCOSAN divisions, has been working to extend ALCOSAN’s ownership responsibility of regional sewers as part of the Clean Water Plan.  The approach, referred to as Regionalization, transfers ownership of 200 miles of multi-municipal trunk sewers that are at least 10 inches in diameter from the municipality to ALCOSAN – more than doubling ALCOSAN’s current responsibility.  Once completed, this project will significantly reduce maintenance and operations costs for the municipalities, while reducing excess flow into the sewer system and will result in a more efficient system.  

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Recent Accomplishments

  • Provided more than $30 million in grants to municipalities and authorities supporting 105 green infrastructure and source control projects as part of the GROW Program. These projects are expected to remove approximately 143 million gallons of overflow volume.
  • Held meetings involving more than 50 member municipalities regarding ALCOSAN’s regionalization process
  • Successfully completed emergency repairs on the A34 regulator in Lawrenceville to prevent failure

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