ALCOSAN has 83 municipal customers within Allegheny County that rely on them to treat their wastewater and transform it from dirty to clean.  The authority has legally binding agreements with those cities and towns, from the largest – Pittsburgh and Penn Hills – to the smallest – Ben Avon Heights and Thornburg.  Regardless of size, ALCOSAN treats all of our customers equally. 

For Partner Municipalities

ALCOSAN is committed to working with our service municipalities to provide wastewater treatment for ratepayers, and the development of plans and policies for compliance with regulations related to combined sewer overflows and sanitary sewer overflows. 

Municipal officials can log-in to our Municipal Portal or contact our Government Affairs Department for details and updates.

Municipal Log-in

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About Municipal Ratepayers

If you live within one of the 80 municipalities in the ALCOSAN service territory where we do not direct bill, you will not receive a bill for sanitary services directly from ALCOSAN. We direct bill in three of our communities. Your municipality includes the ALCOSAN charges in a bill sent to you. In some cases, that bill includes municipal surcharges that typically are used by the municipality to maintain its sewer lines, which carry wastewater from your home to the ALCOSAN system. ALCOSAN does not set, collect or monitor municipal surcharges and does not have the ability to shut off water service for non-payment of wastewater charges.

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Service Area

Learn more about your bill and how wastewater charges are calculated.

Understanding Your Bill

How to Pay Your Bill

As a municipal ratepayer, your wastewater bill will come from your municipality or some other utility provider.  Please refer to your bill for payment instructions.

Bill Pay Assistance

If you need help paying your water bill, ALCOSAN’s Clean Water Assistance Fund is available for eligible homeowners. ALCOSAN has committed $1 million dollars in order to provide this vital customer assistance program for low-income individuals and families.


Customers can submit questions, as well as name and/or address changes, to ALCOSAN’s Customer Service and Billing representatives at 412-766-6696, or using the link below.  

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