The Science and Environmental Education Advisory Collaborative (SEEAC) is a professional learning community of formal and informal educators from across the ALCOSAN service area. The group meets five times during the school year to network, share best practices, learn about ALCOSAN’s proposed educational programs and activities, and provide input to inform the work of the Scholastic Outreach Department to best meet the needs of students.

The 2022-2023 Workshop series will start on September 10th, during our annual open house. Four additional workshops have been scheduled in the months of November, January, March and May. Participants will receive 3 FREE ACT 48 hours for each workshop they attend (All hours will be reported at the conclusion of the series in May).

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2022-2023 Workshops

      • STEaM Powered Games
        March 25, 2023
        Get on your feet and have some fun. Incorporate movement and play into your curriculum while still meeting your objective. Continue to incorporate STEAM into your program, but in an active way.
      • Garbology 101
        May 20, 2023
        What happens to our trash after we put it in the can? You might be surprised. You will dig in to discover the connection between what people throw away and their culture. See where it goes, what it does, and what it means for our future.

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