Looking for the latest ALCOSAN news? The 3 Rivers Proud newsletter gives you an inside look into what is happening at the plant and beyond. Discover how ALCOSAN treats all that dirty water. Get the latest updates on the Clean Water Plan. And, learn more about ALCOSAN’s dedicated team of employees.

Executive Director’s Update

Infrastructure improvement and expansion projects

Infrastructure. It’s a word that we’ve all heard many times over the past few months. The electric problems in Texas; the frightening crack in the I-40 bridge that spans the Mississippi River; and deficiencies of systems right here in our own backyard are all examples of the need to improve the systems we rely on daily.

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Clean Water Plan Update

The past few months have been exciting at ALCOSAN, as the Authority passed a major regulatory hurdle with the approval of the Regional Conveyance Facilities Basis of Design Report. Also, two important plant expansion projects were bid, awarded and are ready to break ground – all of which moves ALCOSAN closer to its Clean Water Plan goal of cleaner rivers and streams by removing nearly 7 billion gallons of overflows a year.

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Awards and Kudos

The ALCOSAN family has a long history of giving back to our communities and while we never expect to be lauded for the work we do, it is nice when someone recognizes our involvement as is evidenced by two recent awards received by ALCOSAN employees.

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Students Explore with ALCOSAN

New Pre-K Explore Day a Success

ALCOSAN recently expanded its scholastic educational programming for children of preschool age. Pre-K Explore Day launched in April, during Early Childhood month, with 63 young learners, 3-6 years of age, participating virtually from their homes.

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Employees Give Back

ALCOSAN Helps Tackle Hunger and Trash

ALCOSAN employees partnered with the Scouting for Food program to virtually raise $3,000 in only two weeks. This equated to 2,000 pounds of non-perishable food items for the community and our furry friends as proceeds were split between The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and Animal Friends. ALCOSAN has partnered with Scouting for Food since 2003 and collected over 750,000 pounds of nutritious food for our neighbors.

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Diving into Plant Construction

Despite pandemic challenges, ALCOSAN employees continue to work 365/24/7 treating the region's wastewater. Oftentimes jobs like these are done behind the scenes with little fanfare. But we want to continue to pull the curtain back a bit and explain how some of the water treatment work gets done.

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One of the more challenging and exciting pieces of ALCOSAN’s Clean Water Plan is the expansion of our wastewater treatment plant. Sitting on 59 acres that is bordered by the railroad on one side and the Ohio River on the other, ALCOSAN doesn’t have a lot of space to grow. But thanks to the ALCOSAN staff, we have a creative path forward.
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ALCOSAN’s successful Green Revitalization of Our Waterways (GROW) program recently awarded $15.1 million in grant offers to 23 municipalities and municipal authorities for meaningful source control projects. These 27 projects, ranging from sewer separation to green stormwater infrastructure, are projected to remove 48 million gallons of overflow volume per year.
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As we rejoin the wastewater treatment journey from your place to ours, recall that trash and large solids were removed from the dirty water and prepared for landfill disposal. The remaining sludge, made of smaller particles, grease and scum, also were skimmed away for proper disposal.
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ALCOSAN helps formal and informal education partners to network and share best practices through its Science and Environmental Education Advisory Collaborative (S.E.E.A.C.) quarterly workshop series.
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The job we do at ALCOSAN is non-negotiable and essential to protecting public health; it’s a job that we do all day, every day, without exception. Even in the midst of a pandemic. While we take this responsibility seriously, our employees know how fortunate we are to continue working, and that we need to help those less fortunate.
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Need Help With Your Sewage Bill?

Did you know that ALCOSAN has a Clean Water Assistance Fund? This program for low-income homeowners who are served by ALCOSAN can help with your sewage bill. See if you qualify by visiting www.dollarenergy.org or by calling Dollar Energy Fund at 1-888-282-6816.

Executive Director’s Update

Welcome to our inaugural 3 Rivers Proud newsletter, where we hope to engage, educate and perhaps entertain you. Here, you’ll learn more about how ALCOSAN, on a daily basis, provides environmentally conscious wastewater treatment for 83 municipalities in Allegheny County. Along the way, you may discover just how ALCOSAN manages to treat all that dirty water.

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Virtual Open House 2020

ALCOSAN isn’t going to let the pandemic keep us from “hosting” you at our annual Open House! This year, we’re taking the event virtual on September 12, 9 a.m. at alsocsan.org. Visit our website for the fun activites that everyone enjoys each year. Mad Scientist, plant and lab tours, Science Rocks and much, much more! We hope to “see” you in September!

Dirty Water Travels, From Our Place to Yours

Everyone flushed. You washed this morning’s dishes. And it’s Pittsburgh, so it rained a few minutes ago and the kids are racing anything that floats down the street’s gutters, before it topples into the nearest storm drain.

But do you know where it all goes from there? Through a brief four-part story, we’ll follow a dirty-to-clean water journey, from your place to ours. Dirty water that reaches ALCOSAN is processed through two paths: liquids and solids.

Below is the first part of the liquid journey.

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Clean Water Plan Update

May was a very exciting and active month for ALCOSAN and its Modified Consent Decree, as the legal process came to an end with approval by the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. The Modified Consent Decree is the legal document that informs ALCOSAN’s Clean Water Plan, the blueprint for reducing seven billion gallons of overflows from flowing into local rivers and streams.

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Alcosan Helping Students Explore Careers in Wastewater

Did you know that besides providing environmentally conscious wastewater treatment to our customers in Allegheny County, ALCOSAN is also helping engage local students with opportunities for internships and job shadowing at the wastewater treatment plant on Pittsburgh's Northside?

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Summer Sweepstakes Returns August 3rd!

It's time for you to get in on the fun with ALCOSAN's 2020 Summer Sweepstakes, which runs August 3-September 12. Each week you can become eligible to win prizes by participating in a few simple activities at 3RiversProud.com/sweeps. In the process, you will also learn a little more about how ALCOSAN is working to improve the water quality of our region’s rivers and streams. New this year, participants will have the opportunity to earn an extra entry each week. Be sure to check out ALCOSAN's Facebook page to learn how!

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