Division: Operations & Maintenance
Director: Douglas Jackson
Departments:   Operations, Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance
Wastewater Education


The work of ALCOSAN's Operations and Maintenance Division is a 24/7 responsibility. The division maintains all of the buildings, structures, machinery, equipment and vehicle fleet of the 59-acre plant and auxiliary buildings.

The division is also responsible for providing formal wastewater education and training to various plant personnel. This training includes permit compliance, operator qualification, and basic wastewater, pretreatment and laboratory needs.

Community Impact

Operationally, the biggest impact over the last few years has come in the form of record rainfall in the region.  In 2018, approximately 5.5 billion gallons more wastewater and stormwater had to be processed due to river flooding events, and 8 billion gallons more than the past five-year average.

Conditions like that affect the collection system and treatment plant with an infusion of mud, silt and other debris. Resulting in 2.7 million pounds of material, or 20% more than the previous year, which had to be removed during processing.  

Recent Accomplishments

  • Relocated the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) staff due to the demolition of the former O&M building and garage to accommodate plant expansion construction
  • Refurbished ALCOSAN’s 300-foot incinerator chimney

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