Division: Communications
Director: TBA
Departments: Communications, Scholastic Outreach


The Communications Division educates and informs the public about the work that ALCOSAN performs in its 83 member municipalities. The team plays a major role in telling ALCOSAN’s story and the many reasons the authority has to be proud of its role in creating a cleaner environment for the region. Additionally, the division includes a Scholastic Outreach and Education Department that plans and conducts environmental educational programs for students of all grade levels and holds professional development opportunities for teachers and educators across the region. 

News & Events


Community Impact

The Communications staff coordinates anything from advertising campaigns to the Annual Open House. They schedule plant tours and attend dozens of events throughout the region, including festivals, parades, and community days, often joined by our mascot Frankie the Fish. 

Certified teachers in the Scholastic Outreach and Education Department create and lead age-appropriate lessons for students in preschool through high school. They conduct after-school and weekend programs to prepare young people for the skilled labor force and other STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers. They assist interns, provide plant tours for student groups, and hold popular summer day camps, including the Summer Science program for students in grades four through eight and the Clean Water Academy for high school students.

In addition to youth programming, Scholastic Outreach provides continuing education opportunities for professional educators in the ALCOSAN service area through the Science and Environmental Education Advisory Collaborative.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Hosted 2,194 people at the Annual Open House
  • Attended more than 90 community events
  • Served more than 20,000 students at nearly 400 sites

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