ALCOSAN is committed to providing quality customer care to the ratepayers of our 83 service communities for which we provide wastewater treatment.  The information on these pages is intended to provide you with a better understanding of the services we provide, to guide you through the process of paying your bill, and to answer other questions regarding ALCOSAN and your wastewater service.

Shared Responsibility

Responsibility for sewers is complex. Homeowners are responsible for some portion of the system, the municipality for other portions and ALCOSAN for still others. But, we can all take steps to keep our rivers cleaner. Every little bit can help.

You Can Take Action From Your Home

There are ways you can reduce wastewater from your own property

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Keep clipped grass, leaves & yard debris away from storm drains

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Don’t plant trees near the sewer lines to prevent pipe-damaging roots

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Capture water in a rain barrel & reuse it to water plants

(If your community allows it)
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Water-efficient landscaping to absorb stormwater

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Avoid landscaping near sewer lines to prevent blockages

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Wash cars at a car wash rather than your driveway

83 Municipal Customers

118 Industrial Customers

1210 Commercial Customers

300000 Residential Customers