What is the GROW Program?

The GROW program is an essential part of ALCOSAN’s plan to create cleaner waterways. In 2016, ALCOSAN created the Green Revitalization of Our Waterways (GROW) program. It was designed as a system-wide effort to reduce excess water from entering an already overloaded sewer collection system.

GROW is a multi-million-dollar grant program that provides funding for source reduction projects in our partner communities and authorities. Under the program, any municipality or municipal sewer authority within the ALCOSAN service area is eligible to submit a source control project for grant funding consideration.


  • Addresses the community’s concerns about including green infrastructure.
  • Creates collaboration between ALCOSAN and our partner municipalities.
  • Reduces excess rainwater from entering the sewer system and contributing to overflows.
  • Protects and conserves our area’s natural resources.

Eligible Project Types

  • Removing streams from the sewer system (direct stream inflow removal).
  • Managing storm runoff by installing nature-based solutions that absorb and filter rainwater (green stormwater infrastructure).
  • Providing maintenance on cracked or broken pipes to reduce water from seeping in and entering the system (infiltration/inflow reduction).
  • Dividing a combined sewer system by adding another pipe that only carries wastewater and the original pipe will only carry rainwater (sewer separation).
  • Performing maintenance on related infrastructure to ensure it is working at the highest capacity (system optimization).

Since 2016, nearly 85% of ALCOSAN’s customer municipalities have participated in the GROW program. GROW has provided $60 million in grant funding towards approximately 149 projects that will reduce sewer overflow by an estimated 210 million gallons per year. 

When and How to Apply

Any municipality or municipal sewer authority within the ALCOSAN service area is eligible for GROW grants. New grant cycles typically begin in the fall season. ALCOSAN will schedule information meetings before each cycle to assist municipalities with the application process. Application documents are available via the municipal portal

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GROW Grant Recipients and Projects 

2022 GROW Program Grant Offers - Cycle 7

Municipal PartnerProject DescriptionGROW Grant Received

Bellevue Borough

Sanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Upper O-21 Lining and Smoke Testing. Sanitary sewer lining of 5,005 feet near Lincoln Avenue Business District. $77,100

Bridgeville Borough

Sanitary sewer lining and system optimization (I/I, SO) – McLaughlin Run / C-54 Sanitary Sewer Re-Routing Project. Sanitary sewer lining of 4,241 feet and re-routing flow from C-53-10 to C-54 at Baldwin St and Margaret St.$350,200
Crafton BoroughSewer Separation (SS) – Broadhead Storm Sewer Separation. The project includes two new separate stormwater systems to remove stormwater from the combined sewer system near Broadhead Avenue and Perrine Street.$3,738,400
Emsworth BoroughSanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Ohio River Boulevard Lining Project. Sanitary sewer lining of 3,407 feet near Route 65.$76,500
Girty’s Run Joint Sewer AuthoritySanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Goldsmith Valley Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement. Sanitary sewer lining of 5,264 feet in Ross Township.$156,000
Homestead BoroughGreen Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) – Transforming 12th Avenue. Installation of a GSI project around Barrett Elementary School that includes underground storage, a permeable pavement parking lot, and bioretention bump outs. Stormwater from nearby streets will be rerouted to the project site. $1,681,947.70
Mt. Lebanon
Sanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Reimbursement Sewer Rehabilitation. Sanitary sewer lining of 5,376 feet near Crystal Drive off Castle Shannon Boulevard. $80,800
Mt. LebanonSanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Sewer Rehabilitation. Sanitary sewer lining of 6,620 feet along Pennsylvania Boulevard.$189,200
Mt. LebanonSanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Sewer Rehabilitation. Sanitary sewer lining of 1,013 feet near Mount Lebanon Boulevard. $8,000
Mt. LebanonSanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Reimbursement Sewer Rehabilitation. Sanitary sewer lining of 3,827 feet near Cochran Road.$98,163.64
Pittsburgh Water and Sewer AuthoritySanitary sewer lining (I/I) – 2022 Small Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation – Contract 2 – Maytide Phase III. Sanitary sewer lining of 10,568 feet near Queenston Street.$304,400
Ross TownshipSanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Sangree Park Sanitary Sewer Lining. Sanitary sewer lining of 2,868 feet near Sangree Road. $58,400
Whitehall BoroughSanitary sewer lining (I/I) – Highgrove Road Sanitary Sewer Improvements. New sanitary sewer totaling 1,972 feet near Highgrove Road. $254,900

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Guidance Documents

ALCOSAN is committed to taking a proactive approach to stormwater management. ALCOSAN and its customer municipalities and authorities have completed significant work throughout the service area to understand the scope and challenges of preventing extraneous source flow from entering the Regional Conveyance System. Building on these efforts, ALCOSAN created guidance documents to support the successful implementation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI).  This document is intended to provide guidelines for private and public entities in constructing GSI, from initial planning stages to post-construction maintenance.  

Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Source Control Monitoring Guide

This document provides guidance to facilitate successful performance monitoring of source control projects implemented to reduce inflow into the regional collection system within the ALCOSAN service area. It is intended to be used by ALCOSAN, municipalities, and municipal sewer authorities in planning for, developing and implementing monitoring plans for projects funded under ALCOSAN’s Green Revitalization of Our Waterways (GROW) grant program.



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