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East Headworks
Plant Expansion


Increasing our preliminary treatment capacity from 250 million gallons per day (mgd) to our maximum goal of 600 mgd.

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East Headworks

The Clean Water Plan will increase ALCOSAN’s wastewater treatment capacity from 250 million gallons per day (mgd) to 600 mgd. Construction of a new East Headworks facility to accommodate additional wastewater is necessary. This facility is where wastewater receives the initial treatment process, including grit removal and screenings. The new East Headworks facility will adjust for additional flows by housing six grit tanks, six bar screens and a grit truck unloading station.

East Headworks rendering

Current Status

At the wastewater treatment plant site, rebar is being placed and concrete poured for the process tanks within the East Headworks. These tanks include six channels where flows will be screened at bar racks and six grit tanks where heavy inorganic material, like rocks, will settle out of the flows to protect the remainder of the treatment plant. Additionally, a 20 foot deep trench has been excavated in preparation for the construction of a 120-inch conduit that will convey flows from the existing Main Pump Station to the new East Headworks.