ALCOSAN’s 2021 Open House is being held virtually and in person. So whether you’re visiting us solely from your laptop or you simply couldn’t get enough from your in-person visit, we’re so glad that you stopped by!

We have much to share: video tours and Clean Water Plan updates, to educational activities and lots of partner information, there’s bound to be something to catch your eye. Click away!


Mad Buggy Scientist

Become a scientist and discover how bugs are used to clean dirty water at ALCOSAN.

Frankie & Cathy Puppet Show

Follow Frankie the Fish and Cathy the Catfish to find out what happens to the dirty water that goes down the drain at your house.

Science Rocks

The Nutty Science Professor entertains you with exciting science experiments! DO NOT try these at home!

The Awesome Spirit of Wildlife, Inc. (TASOW)

A presentation of reptiles, amphibians, and other awesome creatures that live in our watershed, and their ecological importance.

Clean Water Update

See our progress on reducing overflows and keeping our waterways clean.

Source Control

How source control projects are reducing overflows.


Updates and opportunities in our regionalization process.

Plant Expansion

Expanding treatment processes for wet weather flows.

Regional Conveyance Tunnel System

Plans for conveying wet weather flows to ALCOSAN.

Follow The Flush

Educational Activities

Cool, home experiments and activities. Earn extra credit at participating schools.

Fireworks in a Jar

Explore liquid density for a colorful display.

Nature’s Art

An art activity inspired by items found in nature.

Rethinking Wastewater

Gray water versus black water: can dirty water be recycled?


Create an eruptive reaction using household items.

Students: when you complete your experiments and activities,
click the link below to fill out and print a certificate that you can submit to your teacher.

Extra Credit Certificate

Plant Tours

Get behind-the-scenes looks at ALCOSAN

Plant Tour

Flow through the liquid treatment process at ALCOSAN’s 59-acre wastewater facility.

Kids Tour

Join Frankie to see how dirty water is cleaned and clean water is green.

Laboratory Tour

Step inside ALCOSAN’s accredited lab to see how samples are tested for pollutants, bacteria and metals.

Interceptor Systems

Learn about the complex underground regional collection pipe systems.

Environmental Partners

Learn about environmental efforts in our community and enjoy some exciting activities and creative presentations. Thank you for supporting our virtual event.

Please click each partner’s logo below to learn more.