Regionalization is an important component of the Clean Water Plan and will more than double ALCOSAN’s sewer system ownership and maintenance responsibilities in the region.

What is Regionalization

Regionalization involves the voluntary transfer of some of the largest municipal sewers and sewer facilities in the service area over to ALCOSAN. This reduces the financial burden on municipalities and allows ALCOSAN to more directly manage and reduce excess flows into the system.  This will be accomplished by the authority assuming ownership and maintenance of at least 200 miles of large, multi-municipal trunk sewers and associated facilities. In comparison, the current ALCOSAN system encompasses 90 miles.

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Benefits of Regionalization

Regionalization provides the following benefits to the region: 

  • Streamlines wet weather compliance by transferring responsibility for overflows along transferred sewers to ALCOSAN 
  • Facilitates more holistic and cost-effective decision making regarding overflow reduction strategies and priorities 
  • Resolves historic complexities associated with allocating costs for inter-municipal trunk sewer maintenance and improvements 
  • Enables efficiencies in operational control of wet weather facilities 
  • Promotes flow reduction and integrated planning
  • Facilitates prioritization of repairs from a system-wide perspective 
  • Provides more accurate and updated information about the condition and connectivity of these sewers 
  • Respects local decision making, since transfers are voluntary

Current Status 

ALCOSAN is making a good faith effort to assume ownership of existing multi-municipal trunk sewers and related facilities. ALCOSAN has conducted closed-circuit television inspections of these sewers, determined what repairs and improvements are necessary, and is now in the process of working with the municipalities to transfer ownership and make the necessary repairs.

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