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North End Plant Expansion

Project number : 1723
Description :

Contract No. 1723, “North End Plant Expansion”

This contract is for the expansion of the North End of ALCOSAN’s Woods Run Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The work generally includes the following: 

  • River wall construction
  • Chemical Building with Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Bisulfite Storage and Feed Facilities
  • Two new Final Settling Tanks with Sludge Collection Systems
  • W-3 RAS Pumping Station with piping and appurtenances
  • Secondary Effluent Channel Extension with Pipe Gallery
  • Two new Chlorine Contact Tanks with new river outfall
  • Associated electrical, plumbing and HVAC to support the various process components

The contract drawings and specifications will be bid using these disciplines: 

Contract 1723G: General Construction

Awarded to: Mascaro Construction $94,124,350.00

Contract 1723E: Electrical

Awarded to: Bronder Technical Services $3,455,555.00

Contract 1723H: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Awarded to: Hranec Corpoation at the price of $1,896,000.00

Contract 1723P: Plumbing

Awarded to: Guy’s Mechanical $818,000.00