Controlling the Source

ALCOSAN’s Clean Water Plan (CWP) is a comprehensive, $2 billion, long-term plan to significantly reduce the overflows of diluted, untreated wastewater into the region’s rivers. Source control is one of the methods selected by ALCOSAN in the CWP to meet its compliance obligations. Building on the source control-related efforts undertaken by ALCOSAN and our customer municipalities, ALCOSAN developed a methodology to help identify and implement impactful source control projects in the Authority’s service area. Controlling the Source (CtS) documents that methodology, and identifies opportunities where ALCOSAN and our customer municipalities can work together to make an impactful investment in source control projects.

Controlling the Source Executive Summary

Controlling the Source Report


Appendix A: Background On Source Control

Appendix B: Web Map Resources

Appendix C-1: Existing Conditions

Appendix C-2: Overflow Reduction Efficiency

Appendix C-3: GSI Constraints Analysis

Appendix C-4: GSI Opportunity Analysis

Appendix C-5: GSI Planning Level Cost Estimating

Appendix C-6: DSIR Identification Methodology

Appendix D-1: Project List

Appendix D-2: GSI Concept Plans

Appendix D-3: DSIR Concept Plans

Appendix E: Funding Resources

An online interactive Controlling the Source (CtS) Web Map has been created to accompany the plan to identify and evaluate green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) and other source control opportunities in the ALCOSAN service area. The map can be accessed below. See Appendix B of CtS for directions on how to use the Web Map, along with an explanation of the different layers of information that the Web Map contains.

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