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ALCOSAN Parking Garage

Project number : 1735
Description :

The contract is to construct a 5.5 story, 444 stall Parking Garage to be located within our campus on the existing Union Parking Lot. The Parking Garage maintains the entry and exit points onto Preble Avenue. Designed for long term durability, the garage has a cast-in-place design and is classified as an open structure not requiring fire protection. 

Awarded to: 

1735-G - ALCOSAN Parking Garage to Mike Coates Construction Company           Price: $10,221,843.05

1735-E - ALCOSAN Parking Garage to Bronder Technical Services                             Price:  $1,149,217.00

1735-H - ALCOSAN Parking Garage to Gunning Inc.                                                       Price:  $51,602.00

1735-P - ALCOSAN Parking Garage to W.G. Tomko & Sons, Inc.                                Price: $182,222.00