Awarded to:
Costa Contracting, Inc.
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Clay Street Separation Contract

Project number : 1706
Description :

Contract 1706 Clay Street Sewer Separation is the construction of a sewer separation project in support of the Ravine Street Stream Removal project. The project is located on Clay Street in Sharpsburg Borough and is bounded on the east by 8th street and on the west by 6th Street. The project includes laying a new 18-inch combined sewer alongside an existing 36-inch brick combined sewer pipe, followed by removing the building service laterals that are entering the 36-inch pipe and connecting them to a newly laid 18-inch pipe. The existing 36-inch pipe will be repurposed to convey PennDOT drainage from 8th street to the large stone pipe on 6th Street. Additionally, the contract will require connection of a short segment of sewer on the south side of street to the newly laid 18-inch sewer pipe across the 60-inch PWSA waterline that occupies Clay Street. There is a lateral from the drive through bank at the corner of 6th Street and Clay Street that will be tied into the sewer line crossing Clay Street. There will be an abandonment of the sanitary sewer pipe that comes from the south side of Clay Street into the stone combined sewer on 6th street. There will be manholes placed on Clay Street to intercept and redirect the sewer lines rerouted to enable the separation of the northerly 36-inch combined sewer that will carry the PennDOT drainage in the future.