ALCOSAN Wins its Division in Green Workplace Challenge

Sep 15, 2017, 8:22 AM

September 15, 2017 –ALCOSAN is thrilled by its selection as a winner in the Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge.

"Our selection in the medium nonprofit division is an honor and is evidence of how ALCOSAN is continuing its mission of environmental stewardship," said Executive Director Arletta Scott Williams.

This is ALCOSAN’s third year participating in this friendly competition that included 92 businesses and organizations from throughout the region. ALCOSAN’s success was the result of the leadership of board members, dedication of employees, assistance by GWC staff, and support from fellow competitors. The authority is proud of the achievements resulting from participation in the Green Workplace Challenge, which extend beyond ALCOSAN and its rate payers to the local community.

"I am particularly proud of the efforts of residuals specialist Megan Cieslak-Mazza and ALCOSAN’s green committee in shepherding this important work," Williams added.

During the past year, ALCOSAN continued many energy and waste conservation efforts including reducing energy usage by 7 percent in its target building, installing more efficient lighting in several processes, and implementing a pilot waste program that increased waste diversion by 80 percent and decreased waste production by 16 percent in the target area. This latter project would not have been possible without the support of the GWC staff and mentorship by Allegheny County.

The first employee bike ride and a weight-loss program also took place, and employees generously collected more than $35,000 to benefit local non-profits in the community. ALCOSAN’s GROW (Green Revitalization of Our Waterways) program awarded $9 million in funds to 30 municipal projects that support source control throughout ALCOSAN’s service area. ALCOSAN’s green commitment also is incorporate into its new public awareness initiative, 3 Rivers Proud. This campaign aims to educate our nearly 900,000 daily users to be part of the clean water mission.