ALCOSAN and You:  Working Together for Clean Water

Water. It’s our most precious natural resource. At ALCOSAN we believe our mission and our purpose is clear. That’s why we’re working hard everyday to provide you, our customer, with cost-effective, environmentally conscious wastewater treatment that protects the public’s health while enhancing usage of our natural resources.

THANK YOU!  ALCOSAN would like to thank our employees, volunteers, partner organizations, and most of all, our enthusiastic and engaged visitors, for making the 2016 ALCOSAN Open House our most successful yet!  We are proud of the work we do every day to fulfill our clean water mission, and hope that you enjoyed sharing your day with us.  See you in 2017!

Surplus Equipment:  ALCOSAN will be selling used vehicles and surplus equipment on the website They will be listed under “Allegheny County Sanitary Authority." The current auction ends August 30, 2016. 

2016-2017 Scholastic Outreach Professional Development Workshop Series  
Educators have an opportunity to earn up to 14 ACT 48 credits by participating in ALCOSAN's educator's workshop series.  Registration is now open for all 2016-2017 sessions.  For series information and online registration, visit our Professional Development Series page.

What Can YOU Do about Sewer Overflows?
Looking for information about wet weather issues and the steps you can take to minimize the flow of stormwater into the collection system?  Download our Sewer Overflows: What Can You Do? brochure HERE to learn more.

PUBLIC HEARING:  Developing a Customer Assistance Program (CAP) for ALCOSAN Ratepayers  
ALCOSAN hosted a public hearing on November 16, 2015 regarding development of a Customer Assistance Program (CAP) for our ratepayers.  To view the hearing in its entirety, visit the ALCOSAN YouTube Channel HERE.

(Video courtesy of WQED.)

Subcommittee Created to Develop Customer Assistance Program
ALCOSAN's Board of Directors has created a subcommittee to work with ALCOSAN staff to develop a Customer Assistance Program (CAP) for low income ratepayers.  To learn more, visit the ALCOSAN Media Room.

Community Discussions
ALCOSAN conducted a series of community discussions on January 28-29 to provide an update on the Wet Weather Plan and the status of regulatory negotiations.  You can now watch the January 29th meeting here - recorded in its entirety on the ALCOSAN campus - via ALCOSAN's official YouTube channel.

ALCOSAN Announces Four-Year Rate Structure
The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) announced today that they have created a four year rate structure which will help residents, businesses and the Authority better prepare for the future.   For full information, visit our Understanding Your Bill page. 

ALCOSAN Participates in Major Green Initiative
A joint project of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, ALCOSAN, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, and the City of Pittsburgh will result in two pilot projects in the Panther Hollow Watershed designed to manage and minimize runoff naturally through a variety of green infrastructure design components. For complete information, visit our Media Room.

EPA Response to ALCOSAN Extension Request
The Environmental Protection Agency has provided a response to ALCOSAN's proposed Consent Decree schedule change for green infrastructure/flow reduction evaluation.  Related correspondence is available for review here.

ALCOSAN Draft Wet Weather Plan
The ALCOSAN Draft Wet Weather Plan was submitted to the three regulatory agencies on January 29, 2013.   For further details, click here.

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Upcoming Events

ALCOSAN Public Board of Directors Meeting - Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Official Press Releases

ALCOSAN's Sewer-Cleaning Truck on Display (5/10/16)

Playing with trucks is always fun, even more so when tiny Tonkas are replaced with full-sized, working vehicles.

All Lanes of the 10th Street Bypass to Reopen (5/3/16)

As of 11:30 a.m., crews for the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority are completing work so that all lanes of the 10th Street Bypass can reopen to traffic, which is expected by 1:00 p.m.

ALCOSAN's Seasonal Alerts Begin May 1 (4/29/16)

The region’s three rivers provide ample opportunities for fun, and ALCOSAN’s advisory program that goes into effect on Sunday, May 1, is designed to keep outdoor enthusiasts safe.

Other Press Releases

ALCOSAN in the News

9/18/16 - ALCOSAN shows off with open house  (Post-Gazette)
9/5/16 - Rep. Readshaw receives Municipal Association award  (South Pgh Reporter)
7/1/16 - Get Out:  ALCOSAN's water-quality alert system (Post-Gazette)
6/26/16 - ALCOSAN camp put focus on clean water (Post-Gazette)

For all press releases and news items, please visit the ALCOSAN Media Room

















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