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ALCOSAN System Mapping

Collection System Map (Updated 7/1/19)
This map identifies each location and related feature of ALCOSAN's sanitary and combined sewer outfalls, as well as identifying area sewersheds, including continuous flowing waterways within each sewershed.

Sanitary Sewer & Combined Sewer Outfalls (Updated 7/1/19)
This map identifies sanitary sewer and combined sewer outfalls in ALCOSAN's conveyance and treatment system as well as outfalls in the regional collection system as reported by customer municipalities.  (Updated on a quarterly basis as data becomes available.)

Water Recreation Areas (Updated 7/1/19)
This map identifies major water recreation areas in Allegheny County (including boat launches, marinas, approved trout fisheries, etc.) provided online by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission.

Sensitive Areas (Updated 7/1/19)
This map identifies locations designated as sensitive areas.

Impaired Waterways (Updated 7/1/19)
These maps identify continuous flowing streams and rivers listed as impaired by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection pursuant to Section 303 of the Clean Water Act:

Aquatic Life Designated Waterways

Fish Consumption Designated Waterways

Potable Water Supply Designated Waterways

Recreational Designated Waterways

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