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Scholastic Outreach and Education

ALCOSAN’s Scholastic Outreach Program provides environmental awareness for students, teachers & communities, all within ALCOSAN’s 83-municipality service area. Developed from Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and expanding upon traditional classroom learning, the program stresses a hands-on approach to environmental science that teaches kids to be responsible stewards, or caretakers, of their environment.

ALCOSAN’s Scholastic Outreach Programs

Summer Science Camp
ALCOSAN's annual Summer Science Camp provides students in grades 4 - 8 opportunities to explore environmental science through guided, hands-on activities conducted in various outdoor settings.  For information on our Summer Science camps, click HERE.

Clean Water Academy
Clean water Academy is a weeklong STEM enrichment program for current high school students that exposes students to science, technology, engineering, and math content related to wastewater treatment.  For more information about the Clean Water Academy, click HERE.

Storm Drain Stenciling Program

ALCOSAN’s Storm Drain Stenciling Program is designed to educate people about the potential for storm drain contamination and the pollution of local waterways.  For more information about storm drain stenciling in your community, please contact Erica Lamar Motley at 412-732-8027 or by e-mail at

Watershed Education Program
ALCOSAN’s Watershed Education Program provides students with a basic knowledge of watersheds including watershed biology, function and practices for preserving watershed health.

Pollution Prevention Program
ALCOSAN’s Pollution Prevention Program defines Non-Point Source Pollution (NPS), some of its causes and ways in which to prevent it.

Humans, Water and Waste
ALCOSAN’s Humans, Water and Waste Program examines the many ways in which we use water and our impact of this use on our environment.

ALCOSAN Treatment Plant Tours (By appointment)
ALCOSAN provides FREE tours of the Wastewater Treatment Plant between March and October, weather permitting, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.   Due to possible in-plant restrictions and availability of tour guides, all tours must be arranged in advance. Groups of 10 or more must complete a safety agreement prior to tour confirmation.

For more information about ALCOSAN’s Scholastic Outreach Programs, or to schedule a tour for your group, please contact Erica LaMar Motley at 412-732-8027 or by email at












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