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12/31/15     Repairs sought to stop groundwater that cost ALCOSAN (Trib)
11/26/15     OpEd: Get it done:  ALCOSAN must finish its sewer upgrades on time (PG)
11/22/15     An ALCOSAN plant to treat sewage overflows (PG)
11/19/15     ALCOSAN plans miles of tunnels to transport wastewater (PG)
10/05/15     Lawmaker Doyle seeks EPA leniency for ALCOSAN plan (Trib)
09/20/15     At ALCOSAN, this day is for fun as well as clean water (PG)
08/04/15     ALCOSAN faces over $2.6M in bond costs, could save $30M (Trib)
06/28/15     Human-waste fertilizer aids farmers, worries some Ohio residents (Trib)
07/22/15     ALCOSAN bond issue expected to save $27 million (Trib)
03/30/15     DEP gives ALCOSAN customer municipalities more time (PG)
03/30/15     DEP grants 18-month extension on stormwater control effort (Trib)
01/29/15     ALCOSAN, EPA nearing agreement on sewer plan (Pgh Business Times)
1/27/15       ALCOSAN to hold public meetings (Trib)

1/27/15       ALCOSAN hosts community discussions (WESA-FM)


12/24/14   While Santa delivers, ALCOSAN does too (NewPghCourier)
12/1/14     ALCOSAN plan to reduce sewage underway (Trib)

11/19/14   Green solutions could lower cost of sewer overhaul (KDKA-TV)
9/25/14     (Op/Ed) Daunting sewer, water bills upstream (PG)
9/19/14     ALCOSAN Open House tomorrow (CityPaper)
10/16/14   At sewer conference, economic goals important (Keystone Crossroads)
9/17/14     Mandated sewage project to increase ALCOSAN bills (Trib)
9/17/14     ALCOSAN working to upgrade treatment facility (KDKA-TV)
8/5/14       ALCOSAN expands communications division (Trib)
4/16/14     West View land to become green solution (Trib)
4/13/14     South Side becomes stormwater lab (PG)
4/2/14       Solving sewer problems will require regional approach (CityPaper)
2/25/14     Newsmaker:  Arletta Scott Williams
2/15/14     ALCOSAN adding green element to sewer fix (PG)
2/7/14       ALCOSAN allowed to update sewer plan (PG)
2/7/14       ALCOSAN working to address EPA concerns (Trib)

Sewer Overflow Advisory key: Wet Weather overflows have ceased. Rivers, streams and creeks may still be impaired. For more information:

Customer Care at ALCOSAN, we believe it's our duty and privilege to protect, recover and reuse our most valuable resources for the benefit of our customers.

Consent Decree: To comply with provisions set forth in the Clean Water Act, ALCOSAN must meet a series of requirements for planning, design and construction, operation and permitting. For more information

Watershed Education: Leave small leftovers of paint and solvents to dry rather than pouring them down the drain. Learn more

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