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ALCOSAN Clean Water Assistance Fund

ALCOSAN’s Clean Water Assistance Fund, approved by the Board of Directors in 2016, is available for eligible homeowners.

ALCOSAN has committed nearly a million dollars in order to provide this vital customer assistance program for low-income individuals and families. It has contracted with Dollar Energy Fund Inc. to administer the program. Dollar Energy is a leader in this field, and it already handles similar assistance programs for other utilities.

Dozens of social service agencies that work with Dollar Energy throughout the region are now accepting applications.  For a complete list of participating agencies, click here.

The fund will provide a $32 credit every three months to qualifying low-income homeowners. To be eligible, applicants must be served by ALCOSAN and meet the following family income limits set by the federal government:

Household Size

Monthly Income

Annual Income

























For households with more than eight members, add $552.50 per month or $6,630 per year for each additional person. 

Applications are accepted in person at Dollar Energy’s agencies, and individuals must provide a copy of their water/sewage bill, Social Security numbers for all members of their household and proof of household’s monthly income.

ALCOSAN has prepared a fact sheet about the program.

ALCOSAN Clean Water Assistance Fund News Release













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