Extra Credit Opportunities

All activities can be enjoyed by our guests.

(Students should check with their teachers before coming to the Open House to see if they will offer extra credit for the following activities.)

Preschool-Elementary (grades K-5)

Binary Coding – Students will use beads to spell out their name or initials using the Binary Code system. An alphabet, in Binary Coding, will be provided to students. Students will have the opportunity to write their name in code before making a bracelet or necklace.

Middle-High School (grades 6-12)

Hovercraft Racers – What is friction? Friction is a force that arises when two objects rub against each other, acting against the motion of the objects, slowing them down. Understanding how friction works helps engineers design moving objects so they can be controlled. Sometimes they design materials to increase friction and other times to reduce friction. For example, rollerblade wheels must be sticky enough for control, but no so soft that they create too much drag or wear out too fast. Engineers reduce friction between moving parts so that they run smoothly and do not wear down as quickly. A hovercraft is a vehicle that can travel on a cushion of air. Dramatically reducing and even removing the friction between the craft and the ground, giving it the ability to go over rough terrain with ease. Students will use a CD, balloon and a plastic bottle to make their hovercraft.

KEVA Engineering Challenge – Students will challenge others to build the tallest tower that they can using a limited amount of blocks.

Sewer Overflow Advisory key: Wet Weather overflows have ceased. Rivers, streams and creeks may still be impaired. For more information:

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Consent Decree: To comply with provisions set forth in the Clean Water Act, ALCOSAN must meet a series of requirements for planning, design and construction, operation and permitting. For more information

Watershed Education: Leave small leftovers of paint and solvents to dry rather than pouring them down the drain. Learn more

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